Tuesday, April 13, 2010

North Carolina

Easter weekend, some of my family gathered in North Carolina to witness and celebration my niece's wedding.  All of us stayed in a beautiful cabin near the top of Black Mountain.  One morning I ventured out on my own and captured some amazing photos on a short hike.  I can't believe my little point and shoot camera got these and this is the resulting layout. 

And for those of you who don't visit the MMBoard, here's one LO of Heather's wedding.


Barb said...

I lost my comment so I hope I don't post twice, if I did, just knock one off!! LOL

I only a have point and shoot, also, and am amazed at the pics I get from it. These are great.

Love your LO's especially the wedding one with the hearts in contrast to the circle. Very pretty!

Serene said...

Great los, Kathi. The wedding one is so sweet. What a lovely bride she was. And your NC one is one I take special note of. I often take pics of the landscape but don't know how to put them into a lo. You did it so well.

Melissa said...

What great photos! Love the layouts, especially the "texture" on the flowers.

Lisa said...

How sweet the wedding layout is.
Your point and shoot didn't do to bad! Those are really good pics. I like the way you've done the layout. Not to much so the pictures are the focus.
I see what Melissa is talking about with the flower texture. That's digi too? Wow!