Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Verses That Speak to Me

For her CJ, Jean asked us to identify four verses that speak to us.  I've chosen four that relate to where I am right now.  These verses I keep close to me and refer to often in my current jobless situation.  I need to focus on the truth that God does provide for all our needs and He will also give us the desires of our heart.  Trust in Him and it shall be.

I have always loved the verse from Nehemiah that states our strength comes from the joy of Lord.  It's been a favorite for a long time.  As she knows me well, Jean will recognize this one.

A Tribute to Biking

Paul has had a rough time of it this spring.  He's slowly taking out his bikes, one by one.  Here's a LO I did yesterday to document the struggles.

He's going to Arkansas for the long weekend.  I'm praying all will go well - there are some very challenging rides in the Oachita Mountains and he doesn't need any more damage - to himself or his equipment!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Ten Things That Make Me Happy

I got another award!  Well, that's what I'm calling it...  Dear Lisa passed this on to me last week.  So, I am to identify 10 things that make me happy.  We've gone this route before in a CJ, sort of; however, I did this again as a LO.  No photos, just the list.

And now, as I am supposed to do, I am awarding three other kreative friends:
I really need to get the sign-in tags for all the CJs finished.  Maybe I'll get to them sometime this week.  We're still painting Mom's house and I believe it's my turn to paint.  Again.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Catching Up

So, Ashleigh's junior year of high school is almost complete.  She had such a wonderful time and did many exciting things in these three years.  You'd think she could view at least a few scrapbook pages about her journey thus far.  Well that hasn't happened until recently.  Thanks to "MyBrain," my dear computer (would that be DC?) and digital scrapping, I have finished a few LOs recently.  I am really beginning to like the digi world.  It's not the dark side at all!  Here is some of the stuff I've done this week, in between painting dear Mom's house...

These first two pages chronical the SkillsUSA trip to state competition this spring.  Yes, she did go last year as well.  Give me a break, I'll get to that another day.

And this last one is just a few photos taken of her this year.  I know this only because she cut her hair the beginning of the 2009/10 school year and all the shots have this cut.  I really like her hair this way.  And, I've just realized that the SkillsUSA photo is from her sophomore year.  I'll have to edit that page.  Thanks to digi, that's no big deal.  Except for locating the class photo from this year. 

It's just the beginning of her high school album that will be most likely assembled somewhere at 3/4 of the way into the book.  However, it is the beginning!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Things I Miss When Out of Town

Sometimes I miss these things when I am IN town!  Seems like Ashleigh is never home anymore.  She works quite a lot and there's school and friends.  As you know, Paul is an avid mountain biker and he's off to the wilderness (well as close as he can get here in the metroplex) every chance he gets.  I'm not complaining - just miss them sometimes.

Lisa asked us to creat her CJ pages on what we miss when out of town.  I really enjoy traveling and am very excited for a few days because there's always contact via cell phone, then slowly I begin to miss these things most...

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Spring Retreat 2010

The first scrap retreat of 2010 is over.  Several new ladies joined us this year at NoBraWeekend for a few days of creative respite.  What could have been a disaster with people no one knew was actually a whole lot of laughs & fun!  Special pages were made for special people and this retreat will go down in the books as one of the best ever.  Go to Lisa's blog to see her unique award.

I documented with only a few photos and here are the resulting pages.  The first is a packed car, my corner at the retreat house and the middle room before anyone arrived.  The second is a page with just some of wonderful friends who gather twice a year to retreat.