Monday, February 28, 2011

Rome - the pages

So, this leg of the trip is finished. Now I'll need to back track and complete pages for Paris, Florence, & Umbria. It's so much fun reliving this trip.  It was amazing indeed!

I also created a page highlighting the fundraising we did for the trip. The kids just weren't that interested in raising money, even their spending money, so I was the most aggressive on that front.  Ruben didn't go on the trip and he was at almost every event to raise cash - so very special!  Ashleigh managed to save enough of her work dollars to have the spending money she wanted.  Since I was not working at the time, I budgeted myself and even came home with a few dollars.  Very different from when I was a teen trying to find money for retreats and trips!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Europe Album

The album is coming along -- I've focused on London this week.  Those of you on the MM boards have seen the fruits of my labors.  Well, some of them anyway!  Here are a few more pages and these complete London.  I think.  I'll have to go back and reassess those early pages that I created.  I remember doing a page on the Flowers of London, so it will be added to these when the book is assembled. 

It's so much fun going back over these photos and reliving the trip.  I was the best trip to Europe - EVAH!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Yippeeeeee -- Mojo has returned!

and I've been able to create a couple of digi layouts this week.  It feels good!

Yesterday afternoon, I went with a crafty friend to a class and learned how make roses out of Tim Holz grunge paper.  The roses were awesome, the grunge paper not so much.  I believe it is a really cool medium and I'll be attempting other projects with it; however I think I'll stick to just cardstock when making these flowers in the future.  His tattered flowers die rocks!  Here's the end result of the class with an awful photo and a pretty cool end result.

The LOs I did this week are from our summer trip to Europe.

I'm still trying to figure out how to save CM Storybook pages into .jpegs that can be uploaded.  Ditto for the Scrapbook Factory Deluxe version 5.  Why do software developers change how you do things and then hide them or rename them to some function alien to the actual users?  It's mondo frustrating!

Ohhh, I'm so excited - I did figure it out in CM.  However. I was helping DH with our 2010 taxes.  Now I cannot remember how I did it. Geez it's terrible getting old.