Monday, July 26, 2010

One Weekend, No Shots (July 24 & 25)

Okay, so I'm kind of photo-op'd out after the Europe trip. I took 978 shots and didn't pick up the camera this last weekend. So, I'm gonna cheat and show you two more pictures I took on the trip. Still counts, right?

While in Italy, we visited a pottery.  This shot is of cups that haven't yet been glazed.  They were arranged so perfectly, I had to capture it. I also got shots of plates in their various stages of completion, as well as platters and bowls.

The Tower of London was great, but the Flowers of London were spectacular! The flowers in Europe are abundant and beautiful. I took many photos everywhere we went.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

One Weekend, Two Shots (July 17 & 18)

So, I've decided to join others in the photography challenge and see how my skills improve with the One Weekend, Two Shots challenge.  I've been in Europe for 10 days and the shots I got were fabulous.  This first weekend was easy because I had loads of photos to choose from! Even using a new camera, I think the trip shots are rather nice.

On Saturday, we visited the Eiffel Tower. After a two-hour wait in line, we were finally on our way to the top.  This shot is taken from level one at sunset.  We actually were at the top at twilight and the view was outstanding. For this challenge, I wanted to capture the perspective to the top, instead of the view from the top.

The next day we took the night train from Paris to Florence. The kids had a blast with the triple level bunks and this shot is of those at the top level goofing off. Again a different perspective.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Special post dedicated to DK...

that's Dear Klutz! No, that name was given to DSS several years ago.  Can't give DH the same nickname.  Like father, like son, eh?  At DH's request, here's an addendum to the Bike Hazard LO I did earlier this spring.

DH had cast removed last week, but he still CANNOT put any weight on the foot, so he's wearing a boot and using crutches for at least another week.  Then, he can put 25% weight on the foot for two additional weeks. Following that, he goes back to specialist for evaluation.  It's going to be a LONG summer.

A bit more of my recent work

Okay, so those nasty spammers are now stalking blogs? I had to change the title of my last post due to the email I was receiving for some quite unseemly products.  Geez.

I've been busy with digital stuff and I'm starting to miss the paper and glue and getting the krafti korner really messy.  So, I spent Saturday taking apart on old box and then putting it back together with Mod Podged paper.  Go to the MMForum to see the results.

Here's more of the pages I created for Ashleigh's high school book.  Continue perusing the MM threads to see how I spent a week in June at Journey.