Thursday, September 22, 2011

Finale to Fantastic Alaska

It was the trip of a lifetime. I'm glad you are enjoying the photos. I still haven't journalled on the pages and don't know if I'll ever get to that. Some of the pages need a bit more embellishment.  Words may be just the thing. Someday.

I will tell you that bear is real. And he was real close. Our guide actually took the safety off of his bear spray - something he has never done before.  The bear was as curious about us as we were him. Eventually he got bored, turned and walked way.  No drama.  Plenty of thrill.

The zip line - exhilarating! What.A.High.  (Pun intended.)

Yep, definitely the trip of a lifetime. I'd love to do it all again, though I doubt it could be duplicated.  Here's the end of our awesome vacation.


Barb said...

Great LO's and pics, Kathi!! You can tell it was a trip of a lifetime. I will take your word for how much fun the zip line was. At my age, it would have been the last zippy thing I did!! LOL

luv46kdz said...

Kathi this looked like a vaca to remember what great pics and great memories. I hope to get there one day as well.

Serene said...

I LOVE the smile on your face while your ziplining. That smile says it all! Such wonderful pics and los.

Melissa said...

Trip of a lifetime, indeed! Love the pages and photos!

Elaine. said...

great pics,what a wonderful trip. love the layouts

Courtney Walsh said...

I have relatives up there and went in 8th grade. I've ALWAYS wanted to go back!! Looks sooo wonderful.

I have to tell you I'm sort of obsessed with your playlist. haha. :)