Sunday, March 14, 2010

Krafti Kathi's Korner

You know, it just hit me that when shortened to an acronym, my craft haven's name isn't so attractive.  Should I rename it?

Inspired by Court, I cleaned up the room and here are a few photos of where I'm most kreative.  More time than probably should be is spent at the desk on the komputer (ha! even that can be spelled with a "k".)  My view from here is just lovely.  Currently, the pear trees in the neighbor's yard are full of beautiful white blooms.  I have a great view and have been reluctant to cover the window with anything except the blinds.  Though, the voices have been after me lately, buzzin' on perhaps a banner.  I love, love, love the light that comes in this room in the afternoon and a banner wouldn't affect the light or the view.  Must spend a bit more time pondering this one.

Sorry about the quality of these photos.  One more reason that someday I want a snappy, digital SLR.

This room used to be DD's until she decided it wasn't cool enough for a teen.  She moved into the front room, which is much more cave-like and I got this fabulous space.  The system was built by me and DH, designed to have her bed between the two towers and give her loads of storage.  I removed the mattress and now I've got the greatest workspace!  Some of her childhood toys are stored in the larger lower doors, so that space isn't mine; however, I use all the other drawers.

My father-in-law picked up this dumpy chest a couple of weeks ago and I cleaned it up, painted it white and now it stores a few things I couldn't fit in the other storage.  (I have to keep all the gifts, gift wrap, and general stuff in my room too.)  The inspiration/scrapper's tree was emptied of Christmas circles just in time for this photo shoot.  Not too sure what I'll hang there next.  Maybe I should use as my personally designed clip-it-up and put some stickers/alphas on it.

The book shelf needs a bit of organizing.  Paints and brushes are on the top shelf, so I don't use them too often.  The sewing machine is a pain to move away from the wall and open up, so I don't use it too often anymore either.

And finally, the last stop on this 360 tour is the junk corner.  Those hanging paper bags are full of tissue paper that the voices insist I will someday use to create a sunset "painting."  If I only knew how to start that project.  Notice that I have the ironing board stored in this room as well.  The Korner is definitely a "catch all" and thus is not too often tidy.

I hope you've enjoyed this little tour of my korner.  Now, it's time to get krafti!


courtney said...

What a gorgeous studio! I love how easily it went from a youth bedroom to your krafti korner. And all that storage.....ooooohhhhhhh baby!
Thanks for sharing your space with us, always love to see where others find their creative moments!

luv46kdz said...

just love it!! turning even greener with envy!

Serene said...

Ok, I want to cry now. This is just amazingly beautiful. Just gorgeous!!!

Susan said...

LOVE IT!!! Just two questions though......When can I come play?......and can you send you DH to my house? I want a Krafti Korner toooooooo!

Jean Turner said...

Okay, I am commenting. HAPPY?

I can't believe this was Ash's room! This looks fabulous.

I cannot wait to come be crafty with you on Friday! YEAH!!!!

<3, Jean

Courtney Walsh said...

oh wow!! This is beautiful!! I need to follow your lead and get my space picked up and put together!! :) Thanks for the inspiration!

Lisa said...

What an awesome room! I'm with you on not covering up the windows. Let the beautiful sunlight in! It's a great room Kathi! Thanks for sharing it!