Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A bit more of my recent work

Okay, so those nasty spammers are now stalking blogs? I had to change the title of my last post due to the email I was receiving for some quite unseemly products.  Geez.

I've been busy with digital stuff and I'm starting to miss the paper and glue and getting the krafti korner really messy.  So, I spent Saturday taking apart on old box and then putting it back together with Mod Podged paper.  Go to the MMForum to see the results.

Here's more of the pages I created for Ashleigh's high school book.  Continue perusing the MM threads to see how I spent a week in June at Journey.


luv46kdz said...

Great stuff Kathi, as always, you inspire me :)


Barb said...

Love seeing the pages for her album. You are doing great!!! Does she see them as you do them or is it all a surprise??

I have had spammers, too. What's with that. Never had them before!!

Lisa said...

The spammers have been visiting me too. They really need to find something else to do.
I love these layouts Kathi. You are doing such an amazing job with her album.
I think the colors are great. I really like the polka dots. The picture in the bottom layout just cracks me up!