Monday, July 26, 2010

One Weekend, No Shots (July 24 & 25)

Okay, so I'm kind of photo-op'd out after the Europe trip. I took 978 shots and didn't pick up the camera this last weekend. So, I'm gonna cheat and show you two more pictures I took on the trip. Still counts, right?

While in Italy, we visited a pottery.  This shot is of cups that haven't yet been glazed.  They were arranged so perfectly, I had to capture it. I also got shots of plates in their various stages of completion, as well as platters and bowls.

The Tower of London was great, but the Flowers of London were spectacular! The flowers in Europe are abundant and beautiful. I took many photos everywhere we went.


Serene said...

Great shots. You're not kidding about how perfectly arranged those cups are. And that red is beautiful.

Barb said...

I think we will let you ride with these photos to count for the weekend!! LOL They are great. Beautiful flowers and the cups looks so great all lined up. Two great photos!!

Jean Turner said...

These are AMAZING in their simplicity! You have such a great eye!! I may have to start honing my photography skills by doing this on the weekends!

I can't wait to see all 978 shots!!!