Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Tribute to Biking

Paul has had a rough time of it this spring.  He's slowly taking out his bikes, one by one.  Here's a LO I did yesterday to document the struggles.

He's going to Arkansas for the long weekend.  I'm praying all will go well - there are some very challenging rides in the Oachita Mountains and he doesn't need any more damage - to himself or his equipment!


luv46kdz said...

Kathi, I love the colors, it all rolls together so well. Poor Paul, gotta hand it to him to have a hobby that can hurt and stick with it.

Great work as always :)

Mia Sogni Dolci

Barb said...

Ouchy!! Bad sore!! Love you have documented this. I love the slices of life LO's Love the dots!! Adds real interest!

Melissa said...

Very cool layout, Kathi. Great subject for a LO!

Jean Turner said...

I started to comment on this LO the other day, b4 the latest wreck.

I hope Paul in okay and that this Lo doesn't become an ENTIRE book!

Love the colors you used in this and I want to say they compliment the pics, but that just sounds weird! :o)

Tate said...

Ok so now I guess I need another page, I can probably capture the frame where I broke my foot.

Tate said...

Hey you need to update this with my cast and crutchs

Kathi said...

Sounds like you want another page? Well, I think the latest antics deserve their own page, not just an update. I believe I did one and just need to post it! Will do so. Soon.