Monday, May 17, 2010

Ten Things That Make Me Happy

I got another award!  Well, that's what I'm calling it...  Dear Lisa passed this on to me last week.  So, I am to identify 10 things that make me happy.  We've gone this route before in a CJ, sort of; however, I did this again as a LO.  No photos, just the list.

And now, as I am supposed to do, I am awarding three other kreative friends:
I really need to get the sign-in tags for all the CJs finished.  Maybe I'll get to them sometime this week.  We're still painting Mom's house and I believe it's my turn to paint.  Again.


Barb said...

Ilove your 10 "Happies", Kathi! Sounds like a perfect list to me!!

Lisa said...

Totally fabulous list! Butttt... I think I'd have to put the Krafti Korner on it! That place is AWESOME!

courtney said...

Oh yay! I will get started on my list pronto!!