Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Flowers, flowers, everywhere!

The trees and bushes in my yard are just busting with blooms. They thrive in the extreme heat of summer and boy are they getting it this year.  The Crepe Myrtles on the back fence are just gorgeous; however, I keep thinking the Little Gem Magnolia tree in the front is on it's last bloom. I love that it keeps surprising me with more.

The Crepe Myrtles provide privacy to our tiny backyard during the summer. They stretch all across the back fence creating a beautiful 25 ft. screen.

This magnolia tree was planted just two short springs ago. It was pounded by a hail storm last summer and I feared it was permanently damaged. To my delight, it is just fine! I'm glad I went out last weekend and captured a few of the blooms before they fully opened.


luv46kdz said...

They are just beautiful Kathi!! I love magnolia's I have a giant one on the side of my home, taller than my house! They give gorgeous flowers.

TFS such pretty pics :)


Serene said...

Wow! Those are really beautiful flowers. It must be so pretty to see the back fence ablaze with such vibrant color. Those magnolias are just stunning! Sturdy tree, too, to hold up to a hail storm. Thanks for sharing such lovely examples of nature.

Barb said...

If I were you I would never go in the house!! How beautiful!! Those are simply gorgeous!!! If you get tired of them, send them my way!!

Jean Turner said...

These are beautiful! I love your yard! You and DH do such a great job maintaining it and your magnolia is really pretty.