Sunday, August 8, 2010

One Weekend, Two Shots (August 7 & 8)

My goodness - it has been so hot! I don't want to venture outdoors for anything. The lawn did have to be mowed and the bushes are loving the heat. I got some great photos of the magnolia tree and our crepe myrtles in the back.

According to Elena, it's never too hot to bake. (I disagree!)  She loves to cook and found a yummy recipe for Black Forest Cake in one of my old cookbooks, so we did that. The resulting shot was taken AFTER we had devoured part of the cake. Not so great photography, but the cake was oh so scrumptious!


Serene said...

What a pretty flower and that cake looks just perfectly delicious. I'd love a slice of that! Nice pics.

Barb said...

I think the cake passes, for sure. Yum. How great it looks!!!

Love your pic of the magnolia!! I love them. They remind me of gigantic gardenia blossoms...which are my very favorite!!

Lora Oliver said...

That magnolia is so gorgeous, it doesn't look real!!!