Sunday, September 12, 2010

One Weekend, Two Shots (Sept 11 & 12)

Ashleigh had a car accident yesterday evening. She's lucky to be alive. The photo says a lot about the damage that has decreased my trade-in money even more than the age/condition of the vehicle. She's lucky to be alive. Her dad hasn't seen it yet and he won't for a couple of weeks, as he's on vacation. I took photos and sent them to him. This one shows how the car door no longer seals with the roof.  The full impact isn't seen in this view. Just wait til her father gets home... Did I say she's lucky to be alive?

One a happier note, I've been working in the Krafti Korner. I won't reveal the total project, just an element.  And leave the other elements as a surprise for some of you who will see the end result in just a short 18 days at the Texas Scrap Retreat!


Melissa said...

Wow... I'm glad Ashleigh is ok!

I can't wait until the retreat! The flowers are very pretty!

Barb said...

Thank God she is OK. How horrible for her! But Dad can't get too worked up...she is alive! That is the important thing!

Lisa said...

Oh my... I'm glad Ashleigh is ok. She's lucky to be alive! First wrecks can be so scary... having to call your parents even more so!

Oh oh oh... I can't wait until the 30th! The flowers look awesome!!

Jean Turner said...

I can just her Paul now! I am so glad she is okay and that there was no tickets involved.

I was in your room and didn't even see these, but as I told you Saturday, I WAS NOT LOOKING!!!!

(I may even DRINK!!!)

Lora Oliver said...

I am so glad that Ashleigh is okay and the damage was only to the vehicle. Can't wait to see you in two weeks!

Courtney Walsh said...

I know this entry is a couple months ago, but that car reminds me of an accident my husband scary! So glad she is okay!

Elaine. said...

glad Ash was ok, love the flowers, the colors