Thursday, September 2, 2010

One Weekend, Two Shots (Aug 28 & 29)

I cheated. These were taken while Elena was here from Greece.  Let's pretend they were taken this last weekend.  The point is to actually use the camera and take two shots.  Doesn't matter when, right?  Well, I got more than two shots on this outing and decided these were the best from a photographer's point of view.

We spent the morning in Fort Worth at the Stockyards and played until the heat was unbearable. Riding the mechanical bull was a highlight for both the girls and they really enjoyed the Maze. 

I loved the signs!  Seems the folks in the wild, wild west had a sense of humor.  This first sign was posted inside the maze.  

The second was hanging on an antique display case in the museum.  I'd love to see this hanging outside the office of a psychiatrist...

Hope you enjoyed them as much as I (photograhy skills aside.)

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Barb said...

Too cute of signs!! And well, these places and signs are STILL there so you could have just as easily just taken them as earlier when you I say you are safe!! LOL

Great pics. Love them. Those signs are too funny!!