Sunday, September 12, 2010

One Weekend, Two Shots (Sept 4 & 5)

Labor Day weekend was busy with shopping for the new office bathroom. I should have photos of ALL the rugs I looked at and returned. Who knew buying a bathroom rug was such a challenge?!  I didn't even think about toting the camera with me.  The weekend slipped by quickly, as I had to work the holiday. It was nice being one of two on the whole floor.

Over the weekend, I came across the most unusual bromeliad with stiking colors in the bloom. Seems like this is my summer of flowers and foliage pictures.

Our front yard is finally looking good this summer. We had major damage a few years ago from a spring storm and our huge trees were old & rotting.  They were both taken down two years ago and we redid the front. This year I waited to prune the hedges along the house and DH was afraid I'd killed them.  Well here's proof that I didn't.  They look healthy to me!

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